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Rehana Camel Leather Clutch Bag
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- Rehana Camel Leather Clutch Bag - by ABURY The Rehana Camel and Cream Leather Clutch Bag is a chic and versatile accessory for any summer event - you can wear it on your wrist or as a cross-body mini bag. Alicia, project manager of the ABURY Foundation, loves its elegant style and versatility.- Handmade in Morocco - Design: Adam French- 100% handmade- 20 cm x 10,5 cm- Camel goat leather- 3 compartments inside 12 HOURS of passionate work by skilled artisan hands make this Rehana Camel Leather Clutch Bag uniquely yours!We give this time back in hours of education to the local community. Learn more about the ABURY Foundation work.

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